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OCP Viscosity Index Improver For Diesel (T614)

OCP Viscosity Index Improver For Diesel (T614)

KFD6400 (T614) viscosity index improver is mainly used to formulate multi-grade oil, improve viscosity-temperature performance, improve low-temperature startability and pumpability, and reduce engine fuel consumption and wear. The ethylene-propylene copolymer viscosity index improver has good thermal stability and strong thickening ability. In diesel engines, it has less carbon deposit and good shear stability, and is particularly suitable as a viscosity index improver for diesel cylinder lubricating oil.

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Product Introduction

KFD6400 (T614) is a better-priced viscosity index improver commonly used in the formulation of internal combustion engine oils. This product has strong thickening ability, excellent low temperature flow performance and excellent shear stability. It is suitable for the preparation of various oil products, mainly high-grade internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid and industrial lubricating oil.

Working Principle

The OCP polymer is a high molecular polymer composed of a plurality of homologues having the same chain structure but having different chain lengths, that is, different molecular weights. The viscosity index improver can improve the viscosity index of the oil and improve the viscosity-temperature performance. The currently widely believed mechanism is that the viscosity index improver polymer coil is stretched at a high temperature and shrinks at a low temperature, so that the coil has a large viscosity-increasing ability at a high temperature and a small viscosity-increasing ability at a low temperature. Therefore, the low temperature viscosity of the oil does not exceed a certain maximum value, and the high temperature viscosity does not fall to a certain minimum value, thereby reducing the viscosity change range caused by the temperature change.


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Founded in 1997, Shenyang Great Wall Lubricant Oil Manufactory Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of lubricants, specialty oils and additives. It has maintained good cooperative relations with many large domestic industrial enterprises and automobile manufacturers. The products have passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and have been rated as AAAby the National Social Economic Investigation Institute and the Provincial Economic Reputation Evaluation Center. The inspection equipments are imported advanced equipment and are qualified product suppliers.

Product Packaging: 170kg / barrel,also according to customer requirements.


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