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OCP Viscosity Index Improver Lubricant Additives T614

OCP Viscosity Index Improver Lubricant Additives T614

The development of viscosity index improver itself needs a set of strict science and technology management system. Good viscosity index improvers can not only increase crude oil production, save energy and reduce consumption, improve labor conditions, but also create better social benefits.

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KAFTON T614 viscosity index improver formula has the following advantages:

1. Advanced instruments: Great Wall lubricating oil has established its own laboratory, equipped with advanced imported testing equipment and instruments, including spectrograph, chromatograph, diesel nozzle instrument, low-temperature dynamic viscosity, etc., which can comprehensively analyze products and obtain accurate graphs.

2. Professional analytical engineers: Great Wall lubricating oil has more than 30 years of experience in the lubricating oil industry, as well as professional r&d and production engineers and experienced technical personnel. We can provide tailored products according to your specific technical parameters to help customers solve the chemical formula problems. The annual production capacity is 30,000 tons.

3. Rich atlas database: Great Wall lubricating oil has accumulated profound experience in recipe analysis and has a relatively comprehensive atlas database in China.

4. Post-stage guidance: Great Wall lubricating oil can provide technical guidance for post-stage tracking according to customer requirements.


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