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OCP Viscosity Index Improver With Strong Thickening Ability T615

OCP Viscosity Index Improver With Strong Thickening Ability T615

KFD6500 (T615) is an ethylene-propylene copolymer viscosity index improver produced by Shenyang the Great Wall Lubricating Oil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It has very good thickening ability, and at the same time, shear stability and low temperature fluidity are also very good.

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Product Details

Product introduction

KFD6500 (T615) is made of deeply refined HV150 base oil, which is subjected to thermal dissolution and high temperature shearing, or subjected to catalytic high temperature degradation, and then degraded by high pressure of homogenizer, and finally filtered by two times.

Product Usage

KFD6500 (T615) can be used to prepare a variety of oils, as follows:

High-grade internal combustion engine oil

Automatic liquid transfer oil

Gear Oil

Industrial lubricants

Main physical and chemical indicators (typical)



Viscosity (100 ° C)    mm2/s  


Flash point (open)     °C


Moisture %           m/m


Miscellaneous %        m/m


Thickening capacity     mm2/s


Color  number


Shear stability, diesel nozzle method

Shear stability index SSI  %



KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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