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Advanced Industrial Oil Pour Point Depressant

Advanced PMA Pour point depressant SCR-248 is designed to match the performance of Rohmax VISCOPLEX 1-248 at a lower cost, with dual effects of lowering pour point and increasing viscosity index.

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Product Introduction:

SCR - 248 is an efficient coagulant reducing agent for polymethyl acrylate lubricating oil.

This product has good coagulation reducing effect on paraffin base oil and intermediate base oil, especially hydrotreating base oil.

Small dosage of this product, good coagulation reducing effect.

No color, good transparency.

It has good shear stability, high temperature thermal stability and antioxidant decomposition ability, and can provide long-term and continuous coagulation reduction effect.

Small acid value, do not affect the quality of oil products.

It is suitable for aviation hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil, transformer oil, low condensing hydraulic oil, CNC machine tool hydraulic oil, special hydraulic oil and internal combustion engine oil.

Compared with foreign advanced products, it has higher cost performance and provides better choices for customers.

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