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High Thickening Lubricating Oil Coagulant

High Thickening Lubricating Oil Coagulant

SCR-248 is a highly effective polymethacrylate type lubricant pour point depressant.The pour point depressant acts by changing the structure and size of the wax by adsorption or eutectic with wax. Therefore, the chemical structure of the pour point depressant has a decisive influence on the pour point depressing effect.

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Polymethacrylate process and product, is a high-efficiency light color pour point depressant, has a good pour point depressing effect on various lubricating oils, and also has the effect of improving the viscosity index. Widely used in lubricating oil, diesel oil, and crude oil; as a dispersing additive, by copolymerizing or grafting a sufficient concentration of nitrogen-containing or oxygen-containing vinyl monomer, the polar monomer forms a hydrophilic region along the lipophilic polymer chain. Effectively disperse the harmful substances produced by oil degradation, can be used as an ashless dispersant, effectively improve the performance of lubricating oil, and expand the application field of traditional PMA. As a viscosity index improver, the low temperature performance of PMA is particularly good, the effect of improving the viscosity index of the oil is good, and the oxidation stability is good.

Executive standard: Q/CRY06-2014


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