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KFD8900(SCR-248) Pour Point Depressant Wax Inhibitor

KFD8900(SCR-248) Pour Point Depressant Wax Inhibitor

Provides excellent shear stability, effectively improves oil viscosity index, and has the effect of lowering condensation.

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Product Details

Product introduction

KFD8900(SCR-248) is a PMA viscosity index improver. It can effectively improve the viscosity index of oil products, improve the low-temperature performance of oil products.


Molecular weight distribution

KFD8900(SCCR-248) has excellent performance, which is comparable with the 1-248 lubricants produced by Germany Rohmax company. It has narrow molecular weight distribution and can maintain the shearing performance of oil products for a longer time.


The recommended dose

The recommended dosage is 0.1% to 0.3%, depending on the actual application. Please consult our additive application engineer for details.

Product features

Excellent shear stability

Extremely narrow molecular weight distribution

Effectively improve viscosity index

Assist anti-coagulating 

General purpose products, wide range of use



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