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PMA Pour Point Depressant For Waxy Crude Oil SCR-248

PMA Pour Point Depressant For Waxy Crude Oil SCR-248

The purpose of the pour point depressant is to prevent the wax crystals in the lubricant from agglomerating or fusing together at ambient temperatures below room temperature. If the lubricant cannot be adequately protected by the pour point depressant, it will have an adverse effect on its mobility, which may have a negative impact on engine performance and protection.

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KAFTON PMA series of pour point depressants provide a solution for cold engine performance in a wide range of applications and selection of base oils. SCR-248 by interfering with the way wax crystals are formed, these products can broaden the range of operating temperatures of engine oils, allowing them to maintain fluidity at low temperatures. This makes it easier to start and wears out the engine less, extending its life.




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