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PMA Pour Point Depressant Motor Oil Additive

PMA Pour Point Depressant Motor Oil Additive

SCR-248 pour point depressant reduce cold filter point, freezing point, viscosity, improve low temperature fluidity;Suitable for all refining processes and products.

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Product Details

Product name: KFD8900 (SCR-248) PMA pour point depressant

Product introduction

Colorless transparent viscous liquid to maximize the control of wax crystallization in paraffin-based base oils.

Product application

Recommended for internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil and other oil products. It can improve the performance of lubricating oil at low temperature.

Dosage reference: 0.1-0.5%

Packing standard: SCR-248 motor oil additive uses 200L standard iron drum, net weight 170kg/ drum.



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