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SCR-248 PMA Types Of Pour Point Depressant

SCR-248 PMA Types Of Pour Point Depressant

SCR-248 lubricant pour point depressant can rapidly reduce the freezing point of diesel oil, effectively refine the wax crystal, reduce the cold filter point, is a new generation of high-tech products. Lubricating oil pour point depressant can lower the freezing point of oil, widen the fraction of oil, increase the oil collecting efficiency and improve the benefit of refinery.

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SCR-248 pour point depressant is a new type of lubricating oil pour point depressant, and is a kind of high-grade green environmental protection new petroleum additive. The appearance of the product is colorless transparent liquid, with good pour point reduction, viscosity increase and improve the performance of viscosity index, it can replace the traditional pour point reduction agent.



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