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Strong Shear Stability Lubricating Oil Coagulant

Strong Shear Stability Lubricating Oil Coagulant

KFD8100 (T808A) is a chemical that can lower the freezing point of lubricating oil. It is suitable for base oils with high wax content and high viscosity. The product has excellent low-temperature dispersibility and fluidity, and has good anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance and high-temperature detergency, which can effectively prevent high-temperature oxidation of oil and corrosion of piston.

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PPD is a polymer or condensate whose molecules generally comprise a chemical composition similar in polarity to a polar group (or aromatic core) and a paraffin alkyl chain. Usually a small amount of addition can significantly reduce the apparent viscosity of the oil and the freezing point of the yield value, thereby achieving improved oil and low temperature fluidity. Therefore, it is also called a PPD (depressant) of a low temperature flow improver. KFD8100 (T808A) has appropriate viscosity, good pour point depressing effect, small acid value and does not affect emulsification.



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