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Polymethyl acrylate coagulant KFD8900(scr-248)

Polymethyl acrylate coagulant KFD8900(scr-248)

SCR-248 PMA Pour Point Depressant adopts advanced reaction technology and process, with higher fatty alcohol as the starting raw material. SCR-248 is designed to match the performance of Rohmax VISCOPLEX 1-248 at a lower cost, with dual effects of lowering pour point and increasing viscosity index. SCR-248 is highly compatible with paraffinic base oil and intermediate base oil, as well as hydrogenated base oil. Suitable for blending aircraft hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil, transformer oil, low-freezing hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil for numerical control machines, special hydraulic oil, or internal combustion machine oil.

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Product Introduction:

Admixture of SCR - 248 drop in 1:9 proportion dissolved in HVI150, stir oil temperature kept at 70 ℃ for 2 hours, make the cold agent completely dissolved in base oil, oil cooled to room temperature, sample of shear stability index (SSI) ultrasound performance parameters determination.

Small dosage of this product, good coagulation reducing effect.

No color, good transparency.

It has good shear stability, high temperature thermal stability and antioxidant decomposition ability, and can provide long-term and continuous coagulation reduction effect.

Small acid value, do not affect the quality of oil products.

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