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KAFTON PMA Chemical Thickeners SCR-602

KAFTON PMA Chemical Thickeners SCR-602

SCR-602 VI improver is a kind of oil-soluble polymer, adding oil can improve the viscosity-temperature performance of oil, improve the viscosity index of oil, in addition, the viscosity index improver also has the effect of reducing fuel consumption, maintaining low oil consumption and improving low temperature start-up.

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Product Details

Product introduction 

SCR-602 PMA thickener can be used for the deployment of modern gasoline engines, diesel engine performance requirements of multi-grade oil.  Is to meet the world's most demanding gasoline and diesel engine oil requirements of the top quality of multi-grade oil design and manufacturing. 

Product advantage

1. It is proved by experiments that in the harsh conditions of high temperature and high shear, the original viscosity of multi-grade oil is still maintained.

2. The allowed crude oil viscosity is higher than other viscosity improvers.

3. Good thermal oxidation stability.




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