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Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Modifier

Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Modifier

KFD9000 (SCR-178A) is very suitable for modulating hydraulic oil, especially low temperature hydraulic oil and large span gear. This product is a solution of polymethacrylate in deep refined mineral oil. It has the characteristics of good thermal stability and strong thickening ability. It has less carbon deposit and good shear stability in diesel engines.

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KFD9000 (SCR-178A) viscosity index improver, also known as tackifier, is an oil-soluble chain polymer with a molecular weight of tens of thousands to millions. It has different morphology at different temperatures and has different effects on viscosity to increase viscosity and improve viscosity-temperature performance, ie, has a high viscosity index. Under the premise of ensuring shear stability, the product cost can be saved, the viscosity index of the oil can be improved, and the effect of depressing can be achieved. 

With more than thirty years of experience in lubricating oil industry, we have professional research and production engineers and technicians with rich experiences. We could offer tailor-made products to suit your specific technical parameters. Quality is closely monitored through the whole process of production, with prompt inspection and testing of raw materials, by-products and final products in the lab. The annual production capability 30,000 tons ensures prompt delivery and technical support as one of our strengths.

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