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PMA Oil Viscosity Index Improver VII KFD9000(SCR-178A)

PMA Oil Viscosity Index Improver VII KFD9000(SCR-178A)

VII KFD9000(SCR-178A) is a solution of polymethacrylate in highly refined mineral oil. It is a viscosity index improver specially designed for high shear stability of hydraulic oil and gear oil.

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Product introduction

SCR-178A can be used for mixing low-temperature hydraulic oil, gear oil with a large viscosity-temperature span and effectively improving the viscosity index of oil products. It is the most excellent viscosity index improver product in China so far. It has the same performance with the 8-310 produced by Germany Rohmax company and can save production costs more effectively.

This series of products is our company's independent research and development of polymethacrylate products, advanced technology, safety and environmental protection. Our company is the largest supplier of viscosity index improver to petrochina lubricating oil company. We always adhere to the quality first, integrity-based business philosophy, choose us is your best choice.

Please contact us by email if necessary. We look forward to cooperating with you to achieve win-win results.



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