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PMA Viscosity Improver In Lubricating Oils SCR-261

PMA Viscosity Improver In Lubricating Oils SCR-261

KFD9100 (SCR-261) is a polymethacrylate type viscosity index improver which is a solution of polymethacrylate in deep refined mineral oil. It is a high shear stability viscosity index improver specially designed for internal combustion engine oil.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

KFD9100 (SCR-261) can improve the viscosity index of oil more effectively, and it can meet the demanding requirements of various engines compared with other kinds of viscosity index improvers. It is suitable for modulating high-grade internal combustion engine oil, especially high-grade large-span gasoline engine oil. It has excellent low temperature performance and does not need to add pour point depressant to effectively reduce cost.


Compared with the Infineum SV261, the oil blending is smaller and the low temperature performance is similar. SCR-261 can effectively improve the viscosity index of oil, save the dosage of pour point depressant, cost-effective, huge economical, and save production cost for customers.


Product Performance

  • Strong thickening ability

  • Good low temperature fluidity

  • Excellent anti-coagulation effect

  • Excellent shear stability





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