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PMA Viscosity Index Improver Additives SCR-602

PMA Viscosity Index Improver Additives SCR-602

SCR-602 is a polymethacrylate type viscosity index improver. The viscosity index improver acts as an additive to improve the viscosity-temperature performance of the lubricating oil to obtain a multi-stage engine oil having a low-temperature starting performance and maintaining a proper viscosity at a high temperature.

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Product Details

Product introduction

This product has excellent thickening ability, can ensure shear stability, can effectively improve the viscosity index of oil, but also has the effect of pour point depressing. Suitable for blending aviation hydraulic oil, transformer oil, refrigeration oil, high-grade internal combustion engine oil, etc.

Executive Standard: Q/CRY19-2015

SCR-602 main physical and chemical indicators


Typical value


Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Kinematic viscosity 100°C           mm2/s 


Shear reduction rateSSI


Thickening ability                         mm2/s


Opening flash point                         °C


KFD5800(T5038) (2)


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