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PMA Viscosity Modifiers For Lubricating Oil

PMA Viscosity Modifiers For Lubricating Oil

SCR-602 PMA viscosity index improver is a kind of high-efficiency light-color viscosity index improver, which has good effect of improving viscosity, good performance at low temperature, and also has the function of reducing coagulation. It has certain viscosity-increasing effect.

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Product name:KFD9200 (SCR-602) polymethacrylate VI improver

Product application

SCR-602  viscosity modifiers can blend aviation hydraulic oil, low setting hydraulic oil and multi-stage internal combustion engine oil and other oil products. It is widely used and has a general anticoagulant effect, which is best in medium lubricants (150SN-500SN). It also has excellent anticoagulant properties in lighter or heavier lubricants.S



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