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SCR-602 PMA Engine Oil Thickener

SCR-602 PMA Engine Oil Thickener

SCR-602 PMA thickener is widely used in class i-iii base oils with good sensitivity.It has a good compatibility with commonly used adhesive in the market, especially it can effectively eliminate the yield stress at low temperature and reduce the viscosity of MRV.And it has no negative effect on oil anti-foam, anti-emulsification, anti-rust and thermal stability.

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SCR-602 thickener belongs to the general type of pour point depressant, in the maintenance of pour point depressant performance, at the same time, have lower motion viscosity, convenient for users to prepare oil products. Especially used in low viscosity base oil and second and third hydrogenation oil formulation system.


KFD5800(T5038) (2)

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