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GL-4 The Vehicle Gear Wheel Paints Middle Load Oil

GL-4 The vehicle gear wheel paints middle load oil is made by blending high viscosity index base oil into the company's T4208 compounding agent. Has excellent extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and rust resistance.

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Gear oil can be divided into two categories: medium load and heavy load. The car is GL-4 and GL-5. The main requirement for gear oil is that a continuous tough oil film can be formed on the contact surface between the teeth and the teeth, that is, it has high oiliness, and maintains a tough boundary oil layer between the transmission parts to ensure wear of the transmission parts. Small and prevent its scratches; in addition, the gear oil should also have good viscosity-temperature characteristics to ensure that the friction loss of the power transmission mechanism is small, improve the transmission efficiency, and ensure that the car is easy to start (especially in winter).


Main grades: According to the central value of 100°C kinematic viscosity, it is divided into two grades: 80W/90, 85W/90.


Uses: Suitable for high-speed and low-torque cars, low-profile and high-torque truck rear axle hyperbolic gear transmissions and gearboxes.


Packing: 4L/barrel, 18L/barrel, 170KG/barrel


Precautions and instructions for use: Can not be mixed with other oils. Various gears operating at low speed, high torque, high speed and low torque, especially for hyperbolic gears for passenger cars and various other vehicles, are specified with GL-4 gear oil. Suitable for its anti-friction performance equal to or better than the CRC RGO-105 reference oil. This grade of oil has been tested to demonstrate the performance levels specified by the April 1972 ASTM STP. Uses: manual transmissions, spiral bevel gears and hyperbolic gears that are less demanding.

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