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Gl-5 Heavy Load Vehicle Gear Wheel Oil

Gl-5 is made of high viscosity base oil and our product T4208 gear oil compounding agent. It has excellent extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, good scratch resistance and sinter resistance, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Gl-5 Heavy load vehicle gear wheel oil mainly plays the role of lubricating gears and bearings, preventing wear and corrosion, and helping the gear to dissipate heat.


Main grades

According to the central value of 100 °C kinematic viscosity, it is divided into four grades: 75W/90, 80W/90, 85W/90, 85W/140.



Used for gear lubrication of rear axles, drive shafts and manual transmissions of various trucks. It is an approved oil for Dongfeng Motor Corporation's “materials for automobile production”.


Packing: 4L/barrel, 18L/barrel, 170KG/barrel


Precautions and instructions for use:

Cannot be mixed with other oils.

Various gears that operate under high-speed shock loads, high-speed, low-torque, and low-speed conditions, especially for hyperbolic gears for passenger cars and other vehicles, use GL-5 gear oils. Suitable for its anti-friction performance equal to or better than the CRC RGO-110 reference oil. This grade of oil has been tested in various tests to demonstrate the performance levels specified by the April 1972 ASTM STP. Uses: Suitable for hyperbolic gears and other various gears with moderate or harsh operating conditions, and also for manual transmissions.

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